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Intellectual property Laws

Intellectual property and rights have become important and also have gained the status of essential commodities which needs to be protected in India and outside India as well. And its names, logos, designs, literary, Artistic, Musical, cinematographic and new innovations can be safeguarded by taking protection under Trademark, copyright, Designs or Patents.

Corporate Law

BIAT legal is a leading firm in dealing with Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters. It provides their clients with the best advice in the corporate matter.

Our work includes -

  • Our firm advises domestic and foreign companies in investing in distressed companies undergoing insolvency proceedings.
  • unselling hedge funds of structuring investment into Indian stressed asset space.
  • Advising domestic and international banks on initiation of insolvency proceedings against distressed companies.
  • Defending writ petitions filed by distressed companies.

BIAT legal helped many domestic and international Banks, Funds, acquirers, distressed companies and industry professionals, on the implications of IBC and continues to advise on some of the largest and most complicated restructuring and insolvency matters under the IBC.
These kinds of matters are initiated in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) by the Banks or any Individual or company against any Body Corporate for recovery of its unpaid amount. NCLT was formed for the speedy trial of the company cases, and if the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the decision of the NCLT then he can appeal in the appellate court i.e. National Company Law Appellate tribunal (NCLAT).
BIAT legal is a team of young lawyers who are highly qualified in their respective fields and do all their cases with perfection and tries to satisfy their clients to the fullest.

Criminal Law

Criminal law attorneys typically work as state or federal prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys and business counselors.
BIAT Legal is having extensive experience in representing their clients’ criminal matter at pan India level across different courts, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts and District Courts.

The Firm Practices in the following matters of criminal Litigation-

  • Corporate Fraud, Insider trading
  • White collar crimes/ Economic Offences
  • Serious frauds investigation office in the department of Company affairs.
  • Bank/Financial Institution frauds
  • Dishonour of Cheques
  • Quashing of FIR/ Bails/ Trial
  • Criminal complaints
  • Criminal writs/revision/appeals
  • Defamation cases
  • Prevention of corruption Act
  • Prevention of money laundering ACt
  • Violation of Intellectual property Rights/ Cyber Laws
  • Narcotics and Drugs Violation
  • Murder/ Rape


The Litigation landscape in india have witnessed a paradigm shift over last decade. And in which focus by the legislature and Judiciary is to expedite in settling of the matters or disposal of the cases. Indian judiciary system comprises of a Supreme Court, 24 high Courts and more than 500 District court, and these follows the federal system of law. And out of these several High courts only 5 courts have their original jurisdiction in Delhi, Mumbai, kolkata and Chennai. And here we gives different Litigation services to a widely varying set of clients across different industries and business sectors from every corner of the world.we represent our clients in al manners of Litigation in all District and Appellate courts. Our experience in litigation services but not limited to IP Litigation, Criminal Litigation, civil Litigation, Family and Matrimonial Disputes, cyber law, Media and entertainment law, Arbitration, law of torts, Geographical indications, Corporate matters etc.Our experienced lawyers focuses on assist our clients in attending Tribunals or courts responsibly.


And also in Arbitration matters, which means that Arbitration is a procedure, wherein a dispute is submitted on agreement by both the parties to the arbitrators in order to solve the matters outside the court or to have the binding decision of the Arbitrators. This helps parties to solve their matters without going to the court. Arbitration is one of the many methods of dispute resolution and is ultimately guided by the laws of the country.

Consumer Disputes

BIAT legal has a highly respected and team of highly experienced lawyers who are experiences=d in handling various or diverse consumer disputes. The firm offers expert legal assistance that is tailored to suit individual dispute and our team is renowned in providing practical advice and achieving the best outcome for our each client.whether a client has made a complaint or is defending one, ou kalaghoda is to resolve each dispute as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Media and Entertainment

These set of laws provides necessary legal services to the stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Film, music, entertainment, Advertisement and Internet comes under the ambit of Media and entertainment. The Firm covers and is not Limited to the following aspects of entertainment law:- Identification and protection of creative content and strategize ways to monetise them through Partnerships and Licensing. Talent management of artist through strict contractual terms and other means like publicity agreements, endorsement agreements, performance rights management, in-film branding agreements, pre-production and production agreements, and take down services etc. Assisting entertainment and media businesses in filtering their online content in light of Information technology laws. Drafting of Media and entertainment related agreements.

Family and Matrimonial disputes

The Firm masters in the field of family Dispute, and also represented many complex Family disputes that involves large estates, inheritance disputes; complex commercial transactions, and business separations amongst others. BIAT Legal is one stop solution provider for all Aspects of family law. The Firm also deals in many matrimonial cases. And also dissolves many disputes very amicably as well through legal procedures of separation of Divorce. Our team is well known for its knowledge in the field of Matrimonial Laws in India, but most importantly we understand the emotional sensitivity associated with such matters.


Trademark is a Protection which gives protection to Names, logos, Designs, slogan or characteris, that helps associate with and identify the product. It helps to create a brand name and also to differentiate from the brand name of others. For continuing and enjoy the exclusive rights over the Brand name one has to file their mark. And for enforcement of mark or logo, Law firm looks after that. And firm also provides comprehensive services which include brand development, Protection, Enforcement and Commercialization. India is a signatory to Madrid Protocol which enables the rights holder to protect their Trademarks in multiple countries through a single Application. And the firm following things comes under the purview of IP laws: Identification, registration and Protection of Trademark, Copyright, Designs and Patents in India and abroad. Management of Global IP portfolio and intellectual property due diligence. To protect our client’s intellectual assets, we provide a variety of services included but not limited to: Conducting Trademark, design and Patent availability searches in india and in abroad. Filing and prosecuting trademark, Copyright, Design Application in india and Abroad. Managing IP Opposition matters for clients to defend or oppose the grant of IP rights. Initiating and defending against litigative actions of infringement and passing off. Drafting of License, Assignment and other types of IP Agreements. Providing general legal opinion on Intellectual property Matters.


Copyright is a original work of authorship in a creative way and a innovation fields like Art, Music, photography, Software and any intellectual work is protected is protected through copyrights. The indian copyright Act protects the original work of like literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, cinematographic films, sound recordings and much more besides. Copyright protection is not mandatory in India but it is recommended for certain kinds of works for their better enforcement. India is a signatory to Berne convention, copyright protection are thus equally available to works, created by foreign nationals in convention countries. The duration of Copyright in unpublished work is perpetual. Copyright protection in published works is for the life of the author, and continues for sixty years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the author dies. In case of joint authors, the term is 60 years after the last author dies. For other categories of works such as records, photographs, the period of protection is 60 years from the date of first publication of the work. In case of cinematograph films 60 years are computed from the date of the first public exhibition.


The laws governing the registration and enforcement of designs in india are provided in the Designs Act, 2000. Registration of designs confers significant commercial advantage on the owner. Application for the registration of designs must be filed before any commercialization or public display of the Article. Prior public display or commercialization can disentitle the owner. For obtaining design Registration, it takes less times a compared to other intellectual Property. The protection for design is provided for a period of 10 years which can be further renewed for a period of 5 years before expiration of the tenth year. India is a signatory to Paris convention for the protection of Industrial property and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual property rights (TRIPS). And the firm following things comes under the purview of IP laws: Prosecution, Enforcement, and Advisory Services. The Registered Proprietor of a Design has a exclusive right to stop others from infringing his registration by making, applying the Design or Importing articles bearing the Design.

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