Mastering the Art of Trademark Renewal: A Guide for Businesses in India

Trademark Renewal


In the competitive world of business, protecting your brand is essential. One of the crucial aspects of safeguarding your brand identity is through trademark registration. However, registering a trademark is just the beginning; you must also ensure its continuous protection by renewing it on time. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of trademark renewal and provide a comprehensive guide to trademark renewal in India, including online renewal options and the renewal period.

Understanding Trademark Renewal

A trademark serves as a symbol of your brand’s identity, protecting your unique business assets. Initially, when you register a trademark in India, it is valid for a period of ten years. After this initial period, you need to renew your trademark to maintain its legal protection.

The Importance of Trademark Renewal

  • Legal Protection: Renewing your trademark ensures that it remains legally protected against infringement. This protection is crucial for preventing others from using a similar mark, which could potentially dilute your brand’s uniqueness.
  • Business Continuity: Your trademark is not just a symbol; it’s often an integral part of your brand’s identity. Failing to renew it could lead to legal disputes and business disruptions, potentially harming your brand’s reputation.
  • Trademark Value: A well-maintained trademark can appreciate in value over time. By renewing it, you safeguard your investment in building and promoting your brand.

Trademark Renewal in India

Trademark renewal in India is a straightforward process, and the government has made it increasingly convenient through online channels. Here are the essential steps to renew your trademark:

Determine the Renewal Date: You should be aware of the renewal date, which falls ten years from the date of trademark registration. It is crucial to keep track of this date to avoid any lapse in protection.

Application for Renewal: You can apply for trademark renewal within six months before the expiry date. This grace period allows you to renew without losing your trademark rights. To apply, submit Form TM-R with the prescribed fee.

Verification and Examination: The Trademarks Registry will examine your application for any discrepancies or issues. If everything is in order, your trademark will be renewed for another ten years.

Renewal Certificate: Once the renewal is approved, you will receive a renewal certificate. This certificate is proof of your renewed trademark protection.

Online Renewal of Trademark in India

The Indian government has introduced online services to simplify the trademark renewal process. Here’s how online renewal of trademark in India is done :

  • Visit the Official Portal: Go to the official website of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM)
  • Create an Account: If you don’t already have one, create an account on the website. This account will be used for all your trademark-related activities.
  • Log in and Select the Service: Log in to your account and choose the ‘Trademark’ tab. Then, select the ‘Trademark Renewal’ option.
  • Fill out the Application: Fill out the online renewal application form, which includes details such as your trademark registration number and renewal date.
  • Payment: Pay the prescribed renewal fee through the online payment gateway provided on the website.
  • Submission: After completing the form and payment, submit your application online.
  • Acknowledgment: You will receive an acknowledgment of your renewal application.

Trademark Renewal Period

In India, the trademark renewal period is every ten years, starting from the date of initial registration. It’s essential to renew your trademark within this period to maintain your legal rights and brand protection. The grace period of six months before the expiry date allows for a seamless renewal process, even if you miss the exact renewal date.


Trademark renewal is not just a legal obligation but a crucial step in safeguarding your brand’s identity and assets. In India, the process has been made more accessible through online channels, ensuring that businesses can continue to protect their trademarks conveniently. Remember to mark your renewal date on your calendar and take advantage of the grace period to ensure uninterrupted trademark protection. Your brand’s identity deserves nothing less than the best protection possible, so don’t overlook the importance of trademark renewal.


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